Technics SL-BD1 Compatible Dust Cover

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All our covers have cut-outs and holes provided if necessary to mount the hinges.


This new acrylic dust cover is suitable for your Technics SL-BD1 turntable. The dust cover is made of high-quality acrylic in the same dimensions as the original cover, so that it fits perfectly on the original housing of your Technics SL-BD1. This is a copy of the original dust cover - not a Technics product.

All covers come with their bracket holes pre-drilled, therefore installation simply requires the supplied upper hinge unit to be lined up and tightened into place - a very straightforward process. The lower hinges are not included.

This offer contains only 1 (one) dust cover, no turntable included.

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Customer Reviews

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David O'Connor
The brand new generic lid for my totally automatic working turntable , with play again function ,...

I'm sorry for the late reply for this review . I recieved this amazing lid from Holland to New Zealand where i live, 2 months ago. I had it ready to put together and put on my Technics turntable , but due to ,I was still using the original lid that had a broken join on one side of that lid that attaches inside of springy entrance joints of the turntable.
I was keeping the original lid on the turntable that was broken and did not stay upright when opened wide open ,until I got round to putting the four black screws, 2 for each join ,properly together ,as I 100 percent have done and completed now !, putting it on my Technics SL-BD1,1990's classic turntable that is fully automatic, with repeat function (to be able to repeat play my records again & again.)
I was able to put it together with the four black hinge parts & four screws within 35 mins onto my my working fine, turntable .
I am very pleased with this completely compatible dust cover lid ,that you guys from Introvinal in Holland have manufactured for Technics Turntables that wete made with the original lids that were breakable if not always treated delicately. That lid caused me alot of grief And I am very amazed and very grateful for this very much better , brand new lid for my Technics turntable. That will hopefully out-last me. And will be passed on, to my my younger brother if I'm gone before him.. So ,Thankyou Introvinal ! So Much ! 💓 And have a very Merry Xmas 2023. FROM, DAVID O'CONNOR.

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